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1. des dès de Diana

  • 2, 1+ca, 2 in A, 2
  • 2, 2, 0, 0
  • Timps, perc, pfte
  • Banjo or Ukulele (small part – may also be played by solo viola pizzicato)
  • Strings

Duration 20’ 00”

Colourful pieces inspired by a thimble collection.

Music Clip: 5th Movement ‘Blind Earl

‘I very much enjoyed each of the seven little tone pictures. Each movement portrays a particular thimble from the collection of the composers wife. Two in particular stood out for their strength of feeling: the sombre ‘Blind Earl’, which conveyed the pain and anguish of a recently blinded man feeling his stumbling way around his new world; and ‘Tiger Eye’, wild and savage as the animal it portrayed’Anne Slatford ‘Croydon Advertiser’

2. re–Connexions

for Horn and Double String Orchestra:

  • 22 violins (at least)
  • 10 violas
  • 8 cellos
  • 6 basses

Duration 4’ 40”

A fragment of Mendelssohn works its way into the texture.

3. To the Third Age

  • 2, 1+ca, 2, 2
  • 2, 0, 0, 0
  • Strings

Duration 7’ 00”

An arrangement of ‘Salute to the Third Age’.

1. Concerto for Youth Orchestra

  • 3 fl (3rd doubling picc), 3 ob (3rd dbl ca), 3 clt (3rd dbl bass clt)
  • Soprano Sax, Alto Sax, 3 bsn
  • 4 hn, 3 trp in Bflat, 3 trb, tuba

3 percussion:

  • 4 timps, xyl, glockenspiel, SD, 2 toms, BD, pair of cymbs,
  • 5 splash cymbals, ride cymbal, hi-hat, 5 temple blocs,
  • 2 triangles, 2 cowbells, guero, vibraslap, slapstick, ratchet
  • strings

Duration 20’ 00”

Serious fun.