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1. Am Steg

for Viola and Organ | Duration 16’ 30”

Exploring the ‘beautiful’ techniques of the viola and the theme of bridges.

1. Sonata for Cello

for Cello and Piano | Duration 11’ 35”

The middle of the 3 movements is unaccompanied and may be played separately.

1. mmusic

for String Quartet | Duration 6’ 30”

A one-movement serial composition.

1. The Golden Spike

for Guitar Duo | Duration 5’ 00”

To remember the joining of the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific Railroads at Promintary Point in Utah thus linking the East Coast to the West Coast. The final rail spike driven in was gold – it was immediately removed and replaced by a normal one.

Music Clip: Whole Piece

‘The guitar duo I find especially impressive; its four American tunes are turned to direct and simple ends with an original kind of harmonic and formal coherence quite unusual in a piece of this sort’K.P. ‘Classical Music’